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Tia’s first litter came to us in 2009 as I recall. She had ten puppies in that litter, and we fell in love with these two. As you can imagine, both were kept. Daisy’s name was Darling Dainty Daisy, and Harley’s full name was Harley Davidson Jr. (What else could it have been?) LOL

Harley 7 Weeks

Eventually, Daisy became a Therapy Dog while Harley enjoyed the life of a Poodle Majesty Stud, and boy what a stud he was! Theta and Harley had 2 wonderful litters together and their babies were the talk of the town!

Harley and Theta

Daisy first tried her hand at motherhood, but it wasn’t for her. The first litter she had in 2012, a son, whom I named “Solo”. He was a giant puppy who grew up to be a giant, growing to over 75 lbs, and earning that colloquial classification of a Royal Standard Poodle. He was well loved by family in Pennsylvania!

Daisy tried again to have puppies, but only had two, which I affectionately called Batman and Robin! They too went to wonderful homes, where they were adored. Daisy said that motherhood wasn’t for her and embarked upon a life as a Therapy Dog. She was also quite the beach lover!

Dainty Darling Daisy