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Standard Poodle Stud Services

I’m so fine!  All the ladies want to have my babies!

    standard poodle stud service

    I love long walks on the beach, chasing squirrels in the trees, my stuffies and most of all …people!

    Hi, I’m Stirling, and I’m a standard poodle.  I recently divorced both my bitches, and am now “paw-loose and poodle-free”.

    I’m interested in short term relationships with other like-minded poodles who don’t want any commitments but do want to hook up for a fun-filled day or two!

    Then you can go on your way, have my children and I’ll be here if you want to “hook-up” again in six months or a year.  You can contact my human to make arrangements, she’s happy to take care of this for you.  Her number is below.

    I’m a Florida boy, near the Tampa Bay area.  I’ve got a few nice credentials that I don’t mind bragging about.

    • DNA Tested & Clear
    • AKC Registered
    • A Very High IQ
    • National Champion Sons in Two Countries
    • Sons & Daughters Who Are Therapy Dogs & Emotional Support Dogs
    • Proven stud: All my children are absolutely beautiful – check out our past litters pages to see all my beautiful children.



    Poodle Majesty - Stirling

    Did I Mention That I’m Totally Awesome?

    Nobody can resist my charms.  Humans call my mom asking if they can come and visit me.  Dogs large and small want to play with me.  I care for my children – I care for my humans.  I go boating, swimming and bike riding.  I’m just the most fantastic standard poodle you will ever meet and I promise you ladies if you meet me, you will want me!  And the children you have will be absolutely perfect!  All my sons and daughters are top of the line amazing!

    Just a Few Random Pics!

    That little dude is my dog Mozart.  He’s my best buddy. We do almost everything together! (But I draw the line at dating!)

    standard poodle stud services
    standard poodle stud services

     “Swipe Right” to Hook Up!

    (You know you want to!)


    standard poodle stud service

    Get in Touch By Phone Or email

    Just Call Tanya.  She’ll check my dance card for my next available spot!


    (727) 437-8598