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Welcome to The Best Friend You’ll Ever Have

Let me tell you a little bit about Poodle Majesty and me.

I’m a Home Breeder in Clearwater, Florida. We usually only have a litter once a year. Every now and then we’ll have two litters in the same year, but that’s rare.

I don’t breed as a business. I breed Standard Poodles as a love and passion. You see, as far as I’m concerned there’s no better dog than a Standard Poodle.

I’ve been raising standards for over ten years and there is much to know about the raising and the care of a litter of pups, as well as the adult Standard Poodle. That takes love and a passion to completely understand them.

Black female standard poodle puppy

Why Standard Poodles?

  • They’re the smartest dog on the planet
  • They love you with everything they have
  • They’re hypo allergenic (that’s right, if you can’t have a dog, you can have a Standard Poodle, they have hair, not fur)
  • They’re beautiful
  • They’re loyal
  • They are quite agile and love to run, jump, swim and just plain “play poodle”
  • They’re great service dogs
  • They’re great therapy and emotional support dogs
  • They will always be by your side.

My Breeding Standards

  • I breed only genetically health tested Standard Poodles

  • I breed only AKC Registered Standards

  • I do not cross breed, inbreed or line breed

What You Get with a Puppy from Poodle Majesty

  • All Poodle Majesty Puppies have had their dew claws removed, but their tails are NOT Docked – that tail is beautiful and why should I dock it . . . especially when Europe has outlawed such a practice? ¬†There’s no medical reason to do so.

  • Puppies from us come with initial training (they will use the grass and use a crate)

  • Pups get lots of indoor/outdoor play time.

  • Health Certificate

  • All required vaccinations at time of purchase

  • AKC registration papers

  • Full disclosure on health, vet visits, etc. ¬†(example: puppy hurt his paw playing at 3 weeks old but vet confirms it was not serious, vet indicated a slight canine malocclusion, recommends chewing on a ball to help spread teeth, puppy had three de-wormings on these dates, etc.)

  • Health Guarantee

Welcome to the Best Friend You’ll Ever Have!

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